Welcome to CORKSRIBAS...a different Company!
Aware of the new challenges arising from market globalization, CORKSRIBAS assumes a proactive and dynamic attitude, capable of responding to the most demanding International markets.

The deep re-structuring conducted in the recent years and the massive investment on new technological solutions allowed a significant down-sizing of operational areas, streamlining production methods, procedures and services, taking into account the high quality standards, which are the basis of CORKSRIBAS success over the years - since its foundation in 1980, making the company structure more lean, flexible and polyvalent.

CORKSRIBAS culture is based on its own historical values and on a renewed business attitude and dynamic, driven by the following fundamentals; Ethics, Work, Capacity, Ambition and Passion!

Today our company has a global presence with active business in more than 70 markets. A dynamic and remarkable reference in the Cork Industry.
José Pedro Oliveira
Managing Director
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